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1) What is MobiTrackApps ? How it works?
MobiTrackApps is an application for phones Android running in the background and provides a copy of all SMS, Calls and Locations data. The software is installed in the phone you want to track, physical access to the device is necessary (once during installation). Simply create an account or use an existing account and register the phone with the necessary parameters (hide icon, secure uninstallation, location ...). After the installation process is complete, all data, even deleted, are downloaded to your private account which is available from any PC browser or a phone at the following adress Immediately after creating an account, you will receive an email with detailed instructions and activation. NB: The target phone must have Internet access, and be compatible with MobiTrackApps. The internet connection is required to install a new phone, then if the connection is lost, all data are recorded and forwarded when the connection is back functional.
2) Why should I use MobiTrackApps ?
To make a backup of your data in case of default material. (SMS, Calls, Locations). To monitor your child, you will be where they are ...
3) Which phones are compatible with MobiTrackApps ?
Only phones and mobile devices running Android are currently compatible with MobiTrackApps.
4) How do I install it?
You can download or save the file APK on your device, then install it.
Guide for installation here.
4) Why does the phone need to target Internet?
The phone's controlled requires Internet access to run MobiTrackApps, as it must send the captured data (SMS, Calls, Locations...) from the target phone to your control panel accessible from the site.
5) Why I do not receive the outgoing SMS on my control panel?
There may be some conflicts with other applications such as: GOSMS PRO, SMS Handcent
... If the phone does not use the default messages application, it is very likely that the transfer of outgoing SMS do not work.
For all other problems, feel free to contact us.
6) Why am I not getting the data locations ?
You should enable third party applications to access the location of your phone. Example to activate : here.
7) How do I terminate service?
Since the tab "My Account" or send us an email at [email protected]. We will terminate your service and remove all your data from our server.