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Track SMS:
You can track on the text of each SMS sent or received. Even if the SMS is deleted you can still read it. You will also know what day and what time the text messages were sent or received and you will also know the number of origin or destination address of the SMS and the address of the GPS position.
Track Calls:
You can track all incoming, outgoing and missed, the number of origin or destination of calls, you can also know the call duration, date and address of the GPS position.
Locations Data: GPS positions of the phone are uploaded every 30 minutes by default (you can modify it). You can see the phone's position on Google Map.
Secure Uninstallation/Discretion
The application is invisible to the user, no icon in the application launcher. Secure uninstallation mode prevents the uninstallation by a person who does not know the secret code.
And more:
☆ Pleasant interface.
☆ Search by name/message/date/address ...
☆ Safeguard pdf/excel ...
☆ Summary of the number of messages sent/received ...